What Is Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination is often — but not always — tied to something more than just simple hostility to people of a certain religion. Supervisors and employers often have a problem with employees whose religious beliefs are visibly obvious. For example, Orthodox Jewish men wearing yarmulkes, Sikh men wearing turbans and beards or Muslim women wearing burkas may be perceived as being bad for business. However, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of customer or client preferences to do business with people of a certain religion (or race, gender or other legally protected characteristic).

Are You Experiencing Muslim Discrimination Or Catholic Discrimination?

Sometimes religious discrimination is motivated by employer/supervisor irritation at an employee's religious beliefs or practices, such as a Jewish employee asking to leave before sundown, a Muslim employee asking for breaks to pray six times a day, or a Catholic health care employee refusing to be involved in terminating pregnancies. All this being said, there are still blatant cases of supervisors or employers discriminating against an employee simply because that employee practices a particular religion.

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