Sex And Gender Discrimination Claims

Have you been denied a leadership position at work? Gender discrimination is most widespread at the highest and lowest levels of organizations. At the top of the corporate ladder, women often bump up against the “glass ceiling” that stops them from being promoted to the highest leadership positions, which often are held by men.

It Is Illegal For Employers To Pay Women Less Than Men Who Perform Substantially Similar Jobs

Women are often subjected to blatant discrimination in the form of unequal pay, comments about the inferiority of women compared to men and gender-based job assignments (such as getting coffee). Of course, gender discrimination can also take an explicitly sexual form, creating a
hostile work environment.

In March 2018, Governor Murphy passed an amendment to the Law Against Discrimination that makes it illegal for employers to pay women less than they pay men for substantially similar work when viewed as a composite of skill, effort and responsibility. The law allows women to collect back wages for a period of up to six years. In addition, juries can award female employees who are paid less than men for substantially similar work treble damages, which means three times the pay differential for the entire six-year period of time.

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