We Represent Employees In Connection With Individual Contracts Related To Their Work

Employment Agreements

We draft, negotiate, review and revise executive contracts and other employment agreements. We also represent employees in cases of breach of contract when an employer has violated the terms of an employment contract.

What Are Restrictive Covenants?

Restrictive covenants are contracts that restrict employees’ freedom. The most common types of restrictive covenants that we deal with are noncompete and nonsolicit agreements. Noncompetes limit an employee’s right to work for a competitor for a certain amount of time after the termination of employment. Nonsolicit agreements restrict an employee’s right to solicit work from and/or do work for a former employer’s clients or customers for a certain amount of time after the termination of employment.

We negotiate, review and revise restrictive covenants at the outset of employment or when they are first presented to an employee. We also challenge the enforceability of restrictive covenants when employees leave. Finally, we defend employees in lawsuits by their former employers seeking to enforce restrictive covenants.

Our Lawyers Will Protect Your Rights When You Receive A Severance Agreement

We regularly review and revise severance agreements for employees. If the employee has a potential legal claim, we use that claim as leverage to negotiate increased severance pay.

If you need advice about a severance agreement, noncompete agreement, nondisclosure agreement, or any other employment agreement or contract, call New Jersey’s employment contract and noncompete attorneys at Lenzo & Reis, LLC, in Morristown at 973-821-3723. To reach us online, please complete our convenient form.