Is Your Workplace Free Of Harassment?

In New Jersey, employees have the right to a workplace free of harassment on the basis of a legally protected characteristic under the anti-discrimination laws (that is age, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.).

Harassment is illegal when it creates a hostile work environment. To rise to that level, the harassment must be either so severe — one extremely bad incident – or so pervasive – frequent and repeated but perhaps less severe incidents — that it alters the terms and conditions of employment in such a way that a reasonable person of the same legally protected characteristic as the victim would find the work environment to be hostile.

In a sexual harassment case brought by a woman, a reasonable woman standard would apply. Similarly, in a racial harassment case brought by a black employee, a reasonable black person standard would apply.

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The most common type of hostile work environment involves sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is subjected to unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature due to their gender or sexual orientation.

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