Employees Are Protected From Unlawful Retaliation

Employees in New Jersey have powerful legal recourse against unlawful retaliation under several laws, including the Conscientious Employee Protection Act, the Law Against Discrimination, the workers’ compensation law, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, and the New Jersey Family Leave Act.

These laws make it illegal for an employer to retaliate against employees who:

  • Complain about unlawful conduct.
  • Complain about discrimination.
  • Report harassment.
  • Aid other employees in pursuing or filing discrimination claims.
  • Testify for another employee in a legal proceeding.
  • File workers’ compensation claims.
  • Take family or medical leave.

What Is Workplace Retaliation?

It is unlawful for employers to take adverse actions such as firing, demoting, disciplining, refusing to promote or harassing these individuals. Other adverse actions include pay reductions and undesirable job assignments. The employment law firm of Lenzo & Reis, LLC, represents workers in New Jersey who have been victims of whistleblower retaliation and other unlawful employment or discrimination retaliation.

Do Not Wait To Talk With A Trusted Employment Law Attorney

If you believe you were fired by your employer based on your reporting them for unlawful action, email or call Lenzo & Reis, LLC, in Morristown at 973-821-3723 for a free case evaluation. Facing a different discrimination problem? Our lawyers represent employees from all walks of life who live and work in New Jersey.