We Help All Kinds Of Employees With Legal Issues In The Workplace

We are employment lawyers who help employees with legal issues in the workplace. Our extensive experience includes employee claims of discrimination, harassment, hostile work environments, retaliation, failure to provide workplace accommodations, leave issues, wage and hour violations, and more. Most of our work involves negotiating for employees in connection with claims against their employers and litigating those claims in court. After you complete our intake process and we determine you have a claim, we provide comprehensive representation for your legal claims against your employer.

What we do and how we do it depends largely on your individual situation and the type of representation that best fits your needs.



Trusted Representation For Legal Claims Against Employers

One factor is consistent in all our work, though: You always get individualized service, attention to detail, and an aggressive but practical approach to solving your problems and achieving your goals. Our approach is designed to obtain the best outcome possible for you because we carefully consider the short-term and long-term consequences of each decision before we make it and then develop the most effective strategy to achieve your individual goals as efficiently as possible.

We have devoted our careers to the practice of employment law and have successfully represented thousands of employees throughout New Jersey in informal negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and lawsuits in state and federal trial and appellate courts. We have litigated several reported cases, some of which involved landmark decisions, won numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients.

We are recognized as leaders in the field of employment law because of our hard work, strategic approach to our cases and devotion to our clients.

In addition to negotiating settlements and litigating cases, we sometimes provide advice, either on a one-time basis or in the form of ongoing coaching behind the scenes to assist you in dealing with your current employer. We also review and revise documents such as severance agreements, employment contracts and restrictive covenants, such as noncompetes that prohibit employees from competing with their former employers, nonsolicits that bar employees from doing business with clients or customers of their former employers, and nonrecruits that stop employees from raiding other employees from their former employer.

Not all unfair treatment at work is against the law, and sometimes it is difficult to tell whether how you are being treated is illegal. Because of our experience, we will both determine if your treatment is against the law and, if it is, negotiate your claims and/or file a claim against your employer. Lenzo & Reis, LLC, will evaluate your situation for free. If, as a result of that evaluation, we determine that you have a claim that we can help you with, we will meet with you during a consultation to get all the necessary information from you and explain the best way to address and fight through the situation. Email or call our firm in Morristown at 973-821-3723 to learn more.