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Morristown, NJ

Phone: (973) 845-9922

Morristown, NJ

Phone: (973) 845-9922

Your Success Begins the Minute You Walk Through Our Firm’s Doors

They Handle All Types of The successful way that Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis handle New Jersey employment cases does not start in the courtroom; it begins in the meticulous way in which they handle every aspect of their cases from the minute their clients walk through their law firm doors. They take the time necessary to really listen to their clients’ stories so that they can understand how their clients were illegally discriminated against, unlawfully retaliated against, harassed, and/or wrongfully fired. They then apply their detailed knowledge of employment law, the labor market, and business considerations to establish and test all of the possible defenses to their clients’ employment claims. Only after determining that the case has merit will the lawyers at Lenzo & Reis offer representation. That is a key difference between Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis versus other New Jersey employment attorneys. They do not take every case that calls their office or walks through their doors regardless of how lacking in merit those cases may be. That key difference is also what earned them the professional credibility they need to achieve the best results possible for their clients.

They Know Their Cases Better Than Anyone Else in the Room

Claudia Reis and Chris Lenzo painstakingly comb through employers’ documents so that they can take advantage of available strengths and truly understand weaknesses to best position the case for success. In the end, they make sure that they know their client’s cases better than anyone else in the room. And that’s what everyone should expect from their attorney – the comfort of knowing that they are going to get the best shot possible at a successful outcome because their attorneys are not only paying close attention but are, also, strategizing how to best put every favorable fact front and center, and fighting to prove that their clients were treated unlawfully at work.

When You Select Lenzo & Reis, You are Represented by Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis Not a Junior, Less Experienced Attorney

Besides working hard and knowing the law, Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis take a what you get is what you see approach to how they do things. When you meet with Christopher Lenzo or Claudia Reis, you meet with the attorneys who will be representing you and working on your case. Unlike other firms they won’t only meet you at the consult and then assign your case to a very junior attorney. That isn’t the way they operate. When you walk through their office doors, the attorney you meet with at your initial consultation and are comfortable enough to retain, is the same exact person who will represent you through negotiation and, when necessary, trial. Yet, Chris and Claudia always operate as a team – using their collective legal knowledge and practical know-how to best strategize on each other’s cases. In the end, Claudia Reis and Christopher Lenzo feel strongly that their clients deserve for legal work be done by the most senior, capable lawyers in the firm and those two people happen to be the two of them.

They Put You at Ease by Keeping You Informed and Explaining the Legal Process

Another part of their approach that has proven successful is their insistence on honesty. Employment cases are like roller coaster rides because there are often lots of ups and downs in even one single case. Christopher Lenzo and Claudia Reis understand that and fight and work hard to ensure that there are far more ups than downs. But they also believe in being honest with potential and actual clients. That means sometimes telling people that while they may have been treated terribly unfairly, there is nothing illegal about what they went through. That may seem like common sense but it is a step that not everyone takes. Some firms take any long-shot case that walks through their doors and then bully clients into low-ball settlements. Doing that, however, completely ignores how stressful the entire legal process can be to a non-lawyer. Neither Christopher Lenzo nor Claudia Reis will do that. If they take a case, it is because they believe that it is a winnable, good case. Lenzo & Reis won’t put their own well-being above yours and they will always keep you informed of every aspect of your case whether it is the good, the bad, or the ugly. They do that because they not only believe that you deserve honesty but because they know that you will be in the best position to help make important decisions in your case only when you know its strengths and weaknesses.

No One Knows New Jersey Employment Law or Facts of Their Cases Better

Claudia and Chris started working together in 2002. They have perfected the rhythm to their handling New Jersey employment law cases and have learned how to work off each other’s strengths. Claudia understands that Christopher has a commanding knowledge of the law and case names. You would be hard pressed to find any other attorney with as deep a knowledge of New Jersey employment law as Christopher. That is critically important to overcoming and finding a way around difficult legal arguments concocted by employers. Christopher, in turn, knows that Claudia is skilled at taking deep dives into the smallest details of cases. She is like a detective who can sniff out unlawful discrimination, unlawful retaliation and/or unlawful harassment through dogged determination and a refusal to give up. Together they claw through the excuses employers throw up to justify unlawful terminations and other unlawful employment actions. In the end, Christopher and Claudia fight as hard as their clients work so that they achieve the successful outcomes their clients deserve.

You Deserve to Be in the Best Hands

Most people do not know any lawyers that handle employment cases in New Jersey. Because of that, New Jersey employees do not know if they are talking to someone who really knows and understands New Jersey workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation cases. That can be a very scary position to be in when your job, financial well-being, professional reputation, emotional health, and family stability are all at stake. When you retain Claudia Reis or Chris Lenzo to represent you, you know that you have selected New Jersey employment attorneys who not only know their stuff but who also are respected by company lawyers and judges and have a reputation for fighting for their clients until the very end and achieving outstanding results in the process. If you believe that you have been unlawfully terminated or discriminated against, harassed or retaliated against at work, you should contact Lenzo & Reis either by phone at (973) 845-9922 or by clicking here.

Client Reviews
"Professional and Knowledgeable Attorney. At what was supposed to be the highest point in my career suddenly became the most harassing and lowest point of my career and I was passed over for a promotion. Not because the other person was more qualified than I was, but because I followed the law and did the right thing and the people I worked for did not like that. After researching several attorneys, my wife and I found Claudia, and the decision to retain her was the best decision we ever made. After explaining our case to Claudia, we found that she was not only extremely professional but a very caring human being. Throughout the entire process of our case, Claudia was there with us every step of the way. She explained every single proceeding that we had to go through and guided us, not only as a professional attorney in and out of court, but personally as a caring and understanding person. Because of her extensive working knowledge of employment and labor laws, Claudia was able to successfully resolve our case. My wife and I will always be extremely grateful for Claudia’s hard work and dedication, and we highly recommend Claudia Reis to anyone seeking an attorney who practices in employment and labor laws." John
"Professionalism, integrity, and determination. Outstanding representation! Chris Lenzo did an outstanding job in my employment discrimination case. He responded to my questions in a timely fashion, provided clear communication through each step of the process, and handled my case in an honest and straight forward manner. Chris’s expertise in employment law along with his hard work ensured justice would prevail in my case and got me the compensation I deserved. Likewise, Chris’s law firm staff was professional, courteous, organized, and effective. I highly recommend Chirs Lenzo’s firm to anyone with an employment legal matter in New Jersey or New York." Sofia
"Remarkable professional. I have worked with Ms. Reis and her firm for the past three years. During the consultation process, you will immediately experience her compassion as she offers suggestions and guides you through the difficult situation you are dealing with. Her attention to detail, timely follow up and candid manner ensured me that I was well-protected and represented. Ms. Reis always went above and beyond to protect me legally. She is a very strong and tough (when necessary) advocate for the individual she represents. Her support staff is equally diligent. I would recommend her without reservation." A.M.