$5 million Executive
Severance Pay
$4 million Whistleblower
$1.5 million Retaliation
$1.2 million Whistleblower
$1.1 million Age
$1 million Gender

Client Reviews

Client Reviews from Avvo.com GAC

Christoper Lenzo is a great lawyer. He effectively and successfully represented my interests. I greatly appreciated his clear analysis of my circumstances, as well as his strong communication skills-he always kept me up to date regarding my case I would recommend him.

- Anthony

I had great experience working with Chris. He is very professional, confident, detailed oriented. He was on top of the entire process and always kept me informed. Was great working with such professional.

- Michael

Chris was informative, helpful, patient and always professional with me, the court and his adversary. He handled some "thorny" issues skillfully.

- Gary

Clear Analysis, Strong Communication Skills & Skilled Negotiator

Christoper Lenzo is a superb lawyer. He effectively and successfully represented my interests. I greatly appreciated his clear analysis of my circumstances, as well as his strong communication skills – he always kept me in the loop regarding my case. Perhaps most importantly, he is a skilled negotiator. I would recommend him to any family member or friend seeking legal counsel.

- Kathleen

Professionalism, Integrity, and Determination. Outstanding Representation!

Chris Lenzo did an outstanding job in my employment discrimination case. He responded to my questions in a timely fashion, provided clear communication through each step of the process, and handled my case in an honest and straight forward manner. Chris’s expertise in employment law along with his hard work ensured justice would prevail in my case and got me the compensation I deserved. Likewise, Chris’s law firm staff was professional, courteous, organized, and effective. I highly recommend Chirs Lenzo’s firm to anyone with an employment legal matter in New Jersey or New York.

- Sofia

Great Guidance

I met with Claudia shortly after being fired from a position I’d held for 12 years. She helped me with the shock by walking me through my experience of being employed by the company. She was looking for a basis of action. for me, it was therapeutic to recount the incidents that led to my termination. Her objectivity helped me see the ways in which my employer hadn’t supported my success (to put it nicely). I found myself using much stronger language during the session.

Claudia clearly laid out my possible courses of action, the probability of each, the potential rewards and risks as well as her compensation structure. I knew that whatever course I chose, I would have a strong and concerned advocate on my side.

I highly recommend Claudia.

- Anonymous

Exactly What I was Looking for

Chris and his firm are exactly what I was looking for in representation. He came highly recommended to me and exceeded my expectations. Most of all I wanted someone to represent me fairly and honestly, and be dependable… do what he says he would and when. He walked me through the process and was very patient with me when he needed to be, and direct when he needed to be. He and his firm were more than I could’ve wanted. I highly recommend him!.

Offered Guidance and Support at any Time of the Day

My consultation was an extremely thorough process where I really saw how compassionate and detailed a person she was; she explained in great detail the risks, rewards and expectations of the process I was entering into. I was going through a very difficult time with my past employer, and she was there to offer guidance and support at any time of the day. My case was settled in a very timely manner, and I am very happy with the outcome. I would not hesitate to use her services again and highly recommend her without reservation.

- Steve

I Highly Recommend Mr. Lenzo

Mr. Lenzo handled an employment matter for me and negotiated a very favorable severance package. During my first meeting with him, he provided me with a realistic expectation of the potential outcome, and we ended up about where he had predicted. Although I’m sure he would be the first to say that there are no guarantees in legal matters, in my particular case he was right on. Mr. Lenzo made the entire process relatively painless and almost stress-free for me, which was especially important because I was dealing with health issues at the time. Mr. Lenzo’s fees were very reasonable and he delivered great value for the money. I highly recommend Mr. Lenzo

Head and Shoulders Above Her Peers

Claudia helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life when I felt stripped of all my professional and personal dignity. My personal circumstances of being a single mom were even used to threatened me by my former employer to harm my family. She was compassionate, empathetic and straight-shooting.

Her insight into the very complicated legal process was something that could be trusted and relied upon. She is very hardworking.

Claudia stands head and shoulders above her peers. I met with seven attorney groups prior to selecting her. She earned my trust by demonstrating good judgment and professional integrity consistently. My matter was resolved only because she stood by my side fighting with the tenacity of a warrior. The size of the corporation did not intimidate her.

My family and I are so thankful to Claudia for protecting us from the proverbial corporate bullying. She gave us the gift of peace of mind and a clean slate to be able to move forward in a positive healthy path.

- S.S.

You’re in the Best Hands

It’s stressful when you find yourself in a position of needing an employment lawyer but working with Chris made a difficult situation that much better. Chris is one of the smartest, most thorough and well-spoken people I have ever met and it was a blessing to have him in my corner. He communicates well and is very responsive. He truly has his client’s best interest at heart. I would recommend Chris in a heartbeat and know that anyone who works with him will have the same positive experience that I did.

- Jessica

She was Always There for Me

Claudia Reis and the firm were excellent. Ms. Reis was always helpful, completely trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable, dependable, always there when I needed her, and helpful in every way even outside of the legal matter regarding my mental state during this trying time in my life. She always answered all of my questions quickly, professionally and honestly, which is a great help when going through a job loss. She kept me calm and able to make decisions regarding my legal matter even when I felt I was unable to make any decisions on my own. When feeling unable and not confident to make any decisions regarding my legal decisions, she was always extending herself beyond what I have ever seen any attorney do in order to explain everything simply and accurately, enabling me to make the right choices for my matter, and always showing concern for me on a personal level. She proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable in her area of employment law and was aggressive during depositions, etc., proving successful in every aspect.

Many attorneys are only coldly concerned with a resolution of a legal matter, but Ms. Reis’ concern was absolutely my outcome, my comfort and happiness with my case. She was always there for me and kept in contact with me regularly to make sure everything was well with me and my issues, which was very comforting. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was regarding her expertise with the legal issues, and also her great ability to make me feel secure during such a bad time in my life. I recommend Ms. Reis highly. She always went above and beyond making sure that I was always in the best position legally, and that I always felt secure and confident, because I truly was in a very bad state of mind prior to her representing me. Her experience and expertise are evidenced in her success in her exceptional career. She always took that extra step for me.

- Valerie

Age Discrimination Claim

Before the initial consultation with Chris, he and his staff carefully reviewed my information to ensure there was a sound basis for a claim. I very much appreciated this time taken to avoid any false expectations. Once I met with Chris he clearly set a reasonable goal for me. With that being said, Chris worked diligently, confidently and very professionally to achieve the desired outcome. I am beyond pleased and highly recommend Chris and his team.

- Anonymous

Right Away She Puts Me at Ease

My first consultation with Claudia, I was very upset about a 14-year job I was let go from. Right away she put me at ease about my situation. Everything was settled in a timely manner and with great results.

- Mary

This is an Attorney You Want on Your Side

This is an attorney you want on your side. Chris is a very direct, no-nonsense, strategic thinker. I always felt as though Chris worked on everything in my best interest. Chris is very responsive. If I emailed or called Chris with a question, I always received an answer or reply promptly or on the same day. Chris always took the time to explain things to me. I would strongly recommend Chris Lenzo.

- A Satisfied Client

Professional and Knowledgeable Attorney

At what was supposed to be the highest point in my career suddenly became the most harassing and lowest point of my career and I was passed over for a promotion. Not because the other person was more qualified than I was, but because I followed the law and did the right thing and the people I worked for did not like that. After researching several attorneys, my wife and I found Claudia, and the decision to retain her was the best decision we ever made. After explaining our case to Claudia, we found that she was not only extremely professional but a very caring human being. Throughout the entire process of our case, Claudia was there with us every step of the way. She explained every single proceeding that we had to go through and guided us, not only as a professional attorney in and out of court, but personally as a caring and understanding person. Because of her extensive working knowledge of employment and labor laws, Claudia was able to successfully resolve our case. My wife and I will always be extremely grateful for Claudia’s hard work and dedication, and we highly recommend Claudia Reis to anyone seeking an attorney who practices in employment and labor laws.

- John

I Give Chris My Highest Recommendation

Going through a lawsuit can be a very emotional time. And without going through the specifics of my lawsuit, I felt that my reputation was on the line. Chris Lenzo was recommended to me by a co-worker. The initial consultation fee seemed very high, and I knew that other attorneys would meet with me for free. So after consideration, I did choose to meet with Chris. And he was worth every penny! Chris was so knowledgeable and professional that I immediately felt at ease. I never once had any worries throughout the entire duration of my lawsuit. I felt so prepared knowing that I had the best lawyer on my side. Chris had thousands of documents relating to my case that he sorted and scanned. He knew what to request and what documents we had a legal right to have. He was an expert on the intricacies of the law. We never made it to a courtroom and ended up settling out of court. (And I was very happy with my settlement …) But more importantly, I never felt pressured to make any decisions. Chris always informed me of all of my options and left all of the decisions up to me. A good friend once told me that you make people accountable for their behavior by making them pay with their wallets. And I found this to be true. I give Chris my highest recommendation. If you ever need a qualified lawyer, Chris is truly the best!

- A Wrongful Termination Client

Claudia Always Made Me Feel That I was Her Only Client

Except for buying our home, I had never had cause to hire a lawyer. Unfortunately for me, that changed. I was lucky enough to find Claudia! She helped me through this most difficult time. She is a walking legal encyclopedia, incredibly knowledgeable in the field of employment law. She is completely accessible; I always felt (and often did) that I could pick up the phone and call her about any question or concern. She made sure that I was comfortable with all tactics, language and terms.

My case was complicated and emotionally charged. As busy as she was, Claudia always made me feel that I was her only client. I cannot recommend her highly enough! If you need an employment law attorney, Claudia Reis is the way to go. She is smart, tough, tireless and compassionate! I could not be happier with the services provided.

- Brian

Passion and Responsiveness

I hired Chris Lenzo after talking to three attorneys, because of his passion and responsiveness. He has an excellent record of dedicated service and proven results. It was his strong belief in my conviction that I was wrongfully terminated that tipped my decision. Throughout the process, through to resolution, Chris responded quickly to my inquiries until I understood the legal aspects of the matters at hand, and he leveraged my expertise of the subject matter and the other parties involved. When an unusual legal issue, unrelated to my termination, arose outside of his primary expertise, he sought additional legal counsel to help both of us understand the situation. He delivered stellar support during the final phase of the resolution of the matter, demonstrating his strong passion and commitment to my case, knowing when to listen and knowing when to argue and fight for my cause. Because of his strong passion and championship, I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome and believe together we achieved justice for a clear case of wrongful termination.

- Anonymous

Claudia’s Character is a Rare Find

Claudia is very knowledgeable in her field and actually took the time to research other areas of the law to provide the most accurate information about our case. What makes her a great attorney is how candid she is with her clients; from day one, she was very honest about the risks and benefits of litigation — there were never any unrealistic expectations nor unexpected surprises. What sets her apart is her level of humanity — she respects all cultural differences and works patiently through language barriers. Claudia’s character is a rare find within the legal profession.

- Tatyana

Worth Every Penny

I met with Mr. Lenzo at a very challenging time in my career, but did not know the proper ways to handle this. He spent almost three hours at my initial visit, studying and clarifying the paper trail that I had brought him. That’s where it became obvious that he listens, reads, converses, empathizes, all with a clear, undistracted brain.

His writing is very effective: tight, intelligent, strong and a matter of fact. He stated his/my case so succinctly and so firmly. I knew this would be settled.

I was so impressed that he would reach out to me immediately with updates, so that, with his guidance, I could make intelligent decisions. Mr. Lenzo also very much understood that the stress of this situation was really hurting me, so he was reassuring me and getting things done as quickly as possible.

If you need an attorney to help you with employment issues, you have found your lawyer. Worth every penny. Many, many thanks, Chris!

- C.D.

She Really Gave Me My Life Back

One of the most difficult and trying times of my life led me to seek the services of an employment attorney. From our initial meeting, Claudia’s enthusiasm for her area of expertise was apparent. You can tell when someone is just going through the motions and when they genuinely care about what they do. Claudia left no stone unturned. She was there for me every step of the long way. Claudia encouraged my input and welcomed my questions. Most importantly she made me feel safer — nothing like knowing you have someone in your corner. If you need an employment attorney and you don’t at least consult with Claudia, I think you are doing yourself a disservice. Claudia took my case through to a successful conclusion. She really gave me my life back.

- Theresa

He Ran Circles Around the Opposition

Without previous experience in military law, Mr. Lenzo brilliantly developed a legal argument that successfully gave standing to uniformed soldiers to sue the military in a civilian court of law. Mr. Lenzo’s legal acumen and reasoning are absolutely first-rate and he ran circles around the opposition. Moreover, Mr. Lenzo demonstrates both an earnestness and empathy for his clients that is uncommonly found. I give Chris Lenzo my highest recommendation!

- Robert

Understanding, Compassionate and Complete Pit Bull

Claudia is the perfect combination of understanding and compassion, and then a complete pit bull when the appropriate time comes. No matter what she is doing, she always finds the time to answer or return your phone call. She has an easy way about her that makes complex matters understandable without ever being condescending.

My case involved a government organization that I worked for. I reported on people who were doing the wrong things to the appropriate authorities (admirable to most people). My employer fired me after finding out that I had reported the wrongdoing (in essence they fired me for blowing the whistle). Claudia was relentless in her preparation, and she never stopped working. Claudia was there for me every step of the way and never took their answers to be justified. Anytime the employer made any kind of move, Claudia would immediately be firing off emails or rushing to court to file a motion. She doesn’t budge when she knows she’s right. Claudia had the employer on their heels from day one and they feared her. in the end, they gave me my job back, all back pay and a promotion. They also paid Claudia’s legal fees.

I’ve been told in order to win a case you need three things. You need a good client, good facts for the case and a good attorney.

When you retain Claudia, you automatically start with one of those three, the other two are up to you. in this day and age, your job is your life. When your life is on the line, you want Claudia.

- K.P.

I Cannot Say Enough Positive Things About Chris Lenzo

I cannot say enough positive things about Chris Lenzo. As an extremely busy attorney, his response time is quite remarkable. His knowledge of case law and his experience with wrongful termination/discrimination lawsuits are exceptional. He is honest and upfront and extremely realistic. We settled the case in mediation. This case could have dragged on for a couple of years if we continued to pursue the lawsuit, however, it would have been too emotionally draining for my husband and I. I highly recommend Chris Lenzo should you need an attorney for this type of case.

- Kathy

Strong and Concerned Advocates

Claudia clearly laid out my possible courses of action, the probability of each, the potential rewards and risks as well as her compensation structure. I knew that whatever course I chose, I would have a strong and concerned advocate on my side.

I highly recommend Claudia.

- Anonymous

I am Thoroughly Satisfied

I was referred to Chris Lenzo by a very dear friend who is a prominent employment attorney. Chris was introduced as a talented, accomplished litigator who would bring energy and passion every day. He certainly did not disappoint. Chris kept me in the loop and up to date every step of the way. His entire staff was courteous and efficient. The settlement Chris was able to orchestrate is right in line with the goals we established at the outset of my lawsuit. I am thoroughly satisfied with the representation I received and will confidently recommend him in the future.

- Anonymous

Praiseworthy, Protective, Ethical, Competent, Diligent, Experienced and Remarkable Professional

I have worked with Ms. Reis and her firm for the past three years.

During the consultation process, you will immediately experience her compassion as she offers suggestions and guides you through the difficult situation you are dealing with. Her attention to detail, timely follow up and candid manner ensured me that I was well-protected and represented.

Ms. Reis always went above and beyond to protect me legally. She is a very strong and tough (when necessary) advocate for the individual she represents. Her support staff is equally diligent.

I would recommend her without reservation.

- Anne Marie

He is a Strong Advocate for the Employee

Chris handled my executive employment discrimination claim against my former employer. He was recommended by a trusted friend/attorney. From the initial consultation through the final contact and case closing, Chris has been excellent. He built a very strong case from the facts I provided and his deep understanding of the laws associated with employment discrimination. His due diligence in working through the process with corporate attorneys and their outside counsel was very professional and effective. Chris’s approach to negotiation (aggressive but reasonable targets) was critical to us reaching a settlement via mediation. This proved best for all parties. I am very pleased with the service Chris and his firm provided along with the outcome. He is a strong advocate for the employee, tenacious and follows through on execution.

- A Client

Keeps the Client Informed

Claudia Reis proves that a labor attorney can be aggressive in pursuing a client’s interests without being mean-spirited while doing it. She is pleasant to work with, knowledgeable and keeps the client informed throughout the process.

- John

Settlement Above My Expectation

From the first meeting, he was consistently attentive to listening and understanding the facts of the case as I described it. Made sure I understood the legal perspective (ours, opponents and the courts) when it came to important aspects. Never overcomplicated situations that could have been drawn out into the details. Always an appropriate communicator (not over not under). I never felt “handled” (as I have by other attorneys in the past). And yes, won a settlement that was above my expectation.

- A Client

Exceptional Lawyer

Ms. Reis is an exceptional lawyer. She approached my case in a compassionate manner and has an amazing memory. When preparing for my deposition and trial, she remembered details from our first meeting that I had forgotten. Ms. Reis was very patient. She met with my husband and I on several occasions to explain legal facts and processes so that we could make more informed decisions. She is well-versed in mediation, arbitration and trial law. Ms. Reis never gave us false hope, but laid out each option available to us. She is a very strong lawyer who can confidently advocate for her clients with adversaries that are less than cooperative. I was kept up to date with all motions, attorney contacts and changes in the case. I was immediately forwarded any email communications and all court documents. Ms. Reis also kept me abreast of any developments, which I have been told is quite rare to find in an attorney.

- An Employment Client

A Lawyer’s Lawyer!

Having recently concluded a case with Chris, and having practiced law for over 30 years in more than one state, I can attest to the fact that Chris represents the “upper range” of the top 1 percent of the practicing employment lawyers in his field. Representing a fellow lawyer can be a pain in the ***, but Chris was dead-on in his advice, his knowledge, and at times, his demeanor, and helped me through a difficult time and case. I wholeheartedly recommend him to others needing a great employment lawyer!

- Mark

Claudia Reis is a Consummate Professional

Claudia Reis is a consummate professional, and I would highly recommend this law firm. After a few other subpar experiences with legal counsel, I was so relieved to be represented by someone who was responsive to my needs and who met those needs with the ultimate attention to detail. Such expertise, professionalism and high-quality service are unparalleled. I would feel comfortable recommending this firm with no reservations.

- Robin A.

A Force to be Reckoned With

I’ve been employed in the legal field since the ’90s; it is vital to have a formidable attorney. Mr. Lenzo is proficient, perceptive and strategic.

Mr. Lenzo understood that this was not just another case; it was my life, my livelihood … When the multibillion-dollar corporation “threatened” me, Mr. Lenzo without hesitation put the fear of God in them. The multibillion-dollar corporation knew it was best for them to wave the white flag and concede. My case was settled in less than two months.

If you desire favorable results and want the adversary to surrender, look no further. Mr. Lenzo is A force to Be Reckoned With. I cannot thank Mr. Lenzo and his colleagues enough for everything.

- A Client

Honest, Direct and Very Informed

I contacted Ms. Reis’ firm due to what I felt was an unfair termination; her approach was honest, direct and very informed. Ms. Reis listened carefully and was able to provide expert representation as well as being quite supportive of our efforts. Throughout the process, I was guided by her experience and was always kept up to date and informed of each step. Communication was clear, specific and insightful, providing options and suggestions as appropriate as well as potential outcomes. Although I hope I do not need her assistance again, I would not hesitate in contacting her should the need arise.

- Mark

An Attorney You Can Trust

After my experience with Chris, it is clear that all of the reviewer comments and accolades are well-deserved. All of this in addition to having been selected as a top 100 Lawyer. The common thread and bottom line are the same, knowledgeable, kind, competent, generous, tenacious, thorough and above all a fantastic attorney. He was recommended to me by another highly rated attorney. I would like to thank Chris for his insight and also highly recommend Chris!

- Anonymous

Remarkable Professional

I have worked with Ms. Reis and her firm for the past three years. During the consultation process, you will immediately experience her compassion as she offers suggestions and guides you through the difficult situation you are dealing with. Her attention to detail, timely follow up and candid manner ensured me that I was well-protected and represented. Ms. Reis always went above and beyond to protect me legally. She is a very strong and tough (when necessary) advocate for the individual she represents. Her support staff is equally diligent. I would recommend her without reservation.

- A.M.

I was Comforted in Knowing That He was Fighting for Me

I hired Mr. Lenzo in a wrongful termination case. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding wrongful termination and discrimination. He also was an extremely quick study in learning about my industry and its unique issues. His ability to drill down to the details while wading through a massive volume of documents was very impressive. I also found Mr. Lenzo to be very tenacious on my behalf, especially in deposing witnesses. I was comforted in knowing that he was fighting for me. I also felt that he kept me informed every step of the way. If you ever believe that you have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against in an employee-employer situation, and are considering legal action, I recommend that you contact Mr. Lenzo. I was extremely satisfied with his work and professional acumen.

- A Wrongful Termination Client

She Made a Positive Impact

I filed a complaint under the CEPA Act against my employer and consequently I was terminated. I consulted with her as to my course of action. As a result I retained her to pursue the matter. The matter was dealt with professionally, and all options were clearly reviewed with me. I was able to make an informed decision on every aspect of the proceedings. The most outstanding was the attorney’s caring attitude in terms that she wanted to serve my best interest. The step-by-step process approach was done in a detailed and timely manner. She explained things in layman’s terms that were easily understood. The outcome achieved was satisfactory and she made a positive impact which helped me maintain justice. Her assistance with my unemployment benefit request was successful as a direct result of her involvement and guidance. I was very pleased with her excellent services as an attorney, and for this I am extremely grateful to her.

- O.G.

I Would Recommend Chris with the Utmost Confidence

I began working with Chris Lenzo after the occurrence of a particularly egregious discriminatory act by an employer. My case ensued for over four and a half years. in that time, the degree of skill, commitment and dedication Chris gave to my case was unwavering. Chris was always respectful and always responded to phone calls and emails promptly. He explained difficult nuances of the law as they pertained to my case, and together we made critical decisions. Along the way, we had a laugh or two, and in the end, negotiated a substantial settlement.

Litigation is a difficult and emotionally painful process. The selection of an attorney is the single most critical factor in determining success. I would recommend Chris with the utmost confidence.

- An Employment Client

Empathy and Kindness for Her Clients

Claudia Reis is an exceptional lawyer with empathy and kindness for her clients. Her sincere willingness to help work with our specific needs exceeded our expectations. Her office staff was welcoming and helpful from the beginning through the end of our process. We entered her office trepidatious and nervous, and her warm smile and confidence immediately put us at ease. She was forthright and honest with our choices and possible outcomes, enabling us to make clear decisions. She was upfront with all financial aspects of our case, including her costs as well as what could be expected down the line. She was generous with her time, and her costs were very fair. Both she and her staff responded quickly when contacted via email and acted quickly on all of our requests. Ms. Reis’ services were recommended to us by another lawyer. We were fortunate to have found such a caring and expert advocate for our case.

- A Client

Great Employment Attorney

Chris is an excellent employment attorney. He is knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking. He worked to negotiate a settlement almost four times greater than the original offer made by my previous employer. I am very pleased with his work and will recommend him to anyone who has been wrongfully terminated. Chris will fight for you and see you are compensated fairly.

- David

Highly Recommended

I met Claudia while defending a lawsuit brought against my company from a former employee that she was representing. Her knowledge of employment law resulted in our losing the first employment case brought against us in our company’s history. Based on that experience, I hired Claudia to represent me when I needed an employment law expert. Claudia turned out to be responsive, extremely knowledgeable about employment law and kept me in the loop every step of the way. She was a great negotiator and provided the guidance I needed that resulted in a positive outcome. I was also impressed with her ability to work with me as a partner. She took my input and used it toward helping the situation. She is a great listener who uses good information to her advantage. I felt very confident I was in good hands. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone or any company that needs legal representation for an employment law matter.

- Frank

Guided and Advised Us Expertly Through Our Case

Mr. Lenzo guided and advised us expertly through our case. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do and in a completely professional manner.

- A Client

The Best in the Business!

After being fired from a job I held for seven years, I felt the need to look for legal representation. I discussed my case with four different employment attorneys, who felt intimidated by my situation and acted like they wanted nothing to do with. Then I landed in the hands of Claudia Reis. After speaking with Ms. Reis, I felt I was in the right place, where others said “no” she was ready to put up a legal fight. Her compassion, expertise, attentiveness and her will to never give up is what sets her aside from the rest. I felt like I was part of a new family, knowing I could pick up the phone at any time for whatever reason and always get a response. Her efforts caused the defendants to settle out of court for the amount she demanded. My family and I could never be grateful enough for the way she fought this case. She and her firm are truly ‘The best in the business.'

- A. G. N.

Five Star Guidance

When you find yourself in the need of an attorney to help you fight an unfair labor issue (in my case with a major corporation), it’s not just about the facts. There is a level of emotional stress that I didn’t realize would be part of the process. Chris provided me with the right balance of intelligence, skill and yes emotional support all leading to a favorable outcome.

- A Client

Chris was on Top of all Details

Chris was on top of all details regarding my case and kept me well-informed during the entire process. He was very reassuring during a difficult situation and walked me through the process step by step. I would and already have recommended him to other people.

- Jill

I Highly Recommend Mr. Lenzo and His Team

I actually found Mr. Lenzo on Avvo, and I must say I was not disappointed. My initial consultation was almost three hours. He was attentive and thorough weeding out emotion from the facts keeping me on track with the series of events. He had a plan with a timeline of how he thought it would play out and of course he was on target. I highly recommend Mr. Lenzo and his team for they are courteous, knowledgeable and on point, because of them I had a favorable outcome within five months.

- A Client

Excellent Attorney

Chris was very attentive and knowledgeable on all aspects of employment law. He kept me informed of the process and any responses received from the other party. Chris was always easily reachable by phone or email – even outside of work hours and on weekends. He was very honest in his interpretation of the case and what the possible outcomes could be if we followed his recommendations, but always giving me the choice to make the final decision. He effortlessly picked apart the other attorney and was able to quickly obtain a better settlement than I was even expecting. I would strongly recommend him as a lawyer and as a person of integrity.

- Dominick

Attention to Detail is Phenomenal

I hired Mr. Lenzo to represent me in a gender discrimination case against my former employer while I was still employed by the company. I had consulted with other attorneys prior to meeting Mr. Lenzo, and each had expressed doubt about commencing the case while I was a current employee. Mr. Lenzo, on the other hand, did not hesitate, showing that he was not afraid to fight for his clients’ rights and take on seemingly “tougher” cases even if it means ruffling a few feathers. Mr. Lenzo’s attention to detail is phenomenal. Aside from being an employment law expert, he takes the time to make sure that all his T’s are crossed and his I’s dotted. Mr. Lenzo and his team took the daunting process of standing up to my employer and made it almost painless. There was never a moment where I needed Mr. Lenzo and could not reach him, or where his office “dropped the ball.” I am truly grateful to have been a beneficiary of the well-oiled machine that is Lenzo & Reis, LLC.

- A Client