Age Discrimination Is Common In The Workplace

Age discrimination is one of the most common forms of discrimination in the workplace. Many private-sector employers have been on a long-term drive to cut costs and increase profits by reducing the size of their workforces. Older employees are often prime targets in such reductions because they generally have the highest compensation.

Another reason that age discrimination occurs so often is that some supervisors believe in the stereotypes that younger employees are more driven, will bring new ideas and are more willing to sacrifice their personal lives to do well at work. Sometimes in performance evaluations and other documents, certain “code words” trigger false perceptions about older employees, which may or may not influence a supervisor’s opinion of an older employee.

Examples of these age-based stereotypes slipping out in documents include references to younger employees being “new blood,” bringing “fresh ideas” and being “energetic” and references to older employees having “outdated” ways of thinking and acting or “failing to adapt to changed circumstances.”

Retirement And Age Discrimination In New Jersey

At higher levels of an organization, we sometimes even find succession planning documents that explicitly note employees’ ages and talk about whether older employees will be there long enough before retirement to make it worthwhile to promote them. Studies show that more employees are postponing or forgoing retirement either because they cannot afford to stop working or because they want to stay relevant and active. For those people living in New Jersey, age discrimination, or “ageism,” can be particularly devastating because older workers tend to have a difficult (if not impossible) time finding other jobs.

Is Your Employer Pressing You To Accept ‘Forced Retirement’?

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